March 12, 2020 21:38

More Detailed Rust Map Search

More Data

In the last days, the map data of the stored Rust maps was updated with smallument information, as well as data about the offshore islands. A lot of you like to rule their own land and build on their own islands. You can now search for maps, that have all the islands you need.

Search Extended

To find an even nicer map to play on, or to find a map to run your next wipe with, you can now search with more detailed parameters. Besides Monuments, you can now select Smalluments, you want to include or exclude in the search. So you never have to play on a swamp map again. Watch out, FPS hypetrain incoming....

Also now you can select how many Islands should be on the map. It starts with the 1 main island and goes up to maps with 15 offshore islands extra. Your choice now.

Map Generation In General

The process of generating map previews is pretty time consuming. For each map, a server needs to be booten up, which just takes some time. And sadly, with every Rust update, the map could be outdated and needs to be regenerated again. So you can imagine, that this is an overall slow process, that takes some time. Therefor another filter was added to the search, which allows you to search only for mapes, that have been generated with the current Rust version. This way you can make sure, that the map is 100% correct.