Frequently Asked Questions

Below you find a list of frequently asked questions and the according answers. If you have more questions, need a more detailed answer or have any other thing that needs to be clarified, feel free to contact us via mail , facebook or twitter .

Can you unban me?

No, we cannot unban you. We don't run any servers, we only list servers.

If you got banned, you need to contact the server owner directly. We might list contact informations on the detail pages of the server. If not, we don't have any other contact data.

How can I add my Rust server?
Listing, Server

You don't need to add your Rust server manually.

The servers get picked up automatically as soon as they are listed by Steam. If you can find your server, it is probably hidden by some filter. New servers have no rating, which means they are filtered by the default 40% Rating Filter. So if you want to search for your server, make sure you set rating and other filters to the matching settings.

How can I increase my "Server Information" rating?
Rating, Server

The server information rating is based on various properties of your server. Its objective is to provide useful information for the player using your server.

Here is a listing of considered information:

  • Teamspeak URL, Discord URL, Steam Community URL, Website URL
  • Having a unique and lasting name like: "Rustafied", "Rusty Piglets" or simlar
  • Provide exact wipe information like date, time and timezone (dates with digits only, no word like 'March')
  • Provide a max group size
  • Have a meaningful server name (nothing like "Rust Server")
  • Have a neat description with useful information for your players

All those informations are combined to generate the information rating.

How long does it take to update the query port?
Server, Settings, Support

Changing the query port will lead to a new Steam server listing. Just-Wiped only updates servers every 6 hours. So it can take up to 6 hours, until a server entry will be updated with the new query port. After changing the query port, the existing server entry will not be updated anymore!

I have issues playing on a Rust server. Can you help me?
Server, Support is a listing plattform. We collect server data and aggregate this, to offer players a Rust server listing with additional information, like wipe times, ratings and a player history. We do not run any servers ourselfs. If you have problems on a server, questions about a server or need to contact the owner for some other reason, we cannot help you with that. We try to list the websites, discords or any other contact information, if they are available for that specific server, but we do not have any more information besides that.

Here are some examples, where you need to contact the server admin/owner directly:

  • The Rust server is outdated and needs an update.
  • Somebody is hacking, insulting or doing other things against the servers rules.
  • Some admin is doing things that are against the server rules.
  • A group is exceeding the maximum group size.
  • You have a bug and some items are gone.
  • You got banned/kicked and think this was wrong decision.

If there are wrong information about the server given on our page, you can't find the server in the listing anymore or other general things, feel free to contact us.

When are wipes marked as blueprint wipe?
Blueprint Wipe, Server, Wipe

Everytime a server wipes, we check if the title contains text like "full wipe", "bp wipe" or similar. If you wipe blueprints on your server and add a mentioned text in the server title, your wipe gets marked as "BP Wipe".

Why is my Rust server marked as fake wipe?
Fake Wipe, Server, Wipe

If you wipe multiple times within a short time range, your wipes get reviewed. If you already have a significant number of players on your server and only change the wipe time in the server title, it might get marked as fake wipe.

If you want to avoid this, make sure to change the world seed and/or world size, when you wipe in a short time period.

Why is my Rust server marked as inactive?
Inactive, Listing, Server

A Rust server getting marked as inactive, can have two different reasons.

The first reason is, that your server is not responding to update queries for a certain time. In that case we assume that the server is broken, offline or not accessible for any other reason.

The second reason for an inactive flag is, that a Rust server is not listed by Steam anymore. That means steam says, it is not active anymore. If your server is still up and running, it can have various reason, why it is not listed by Steam anymore. You can check the Steam listing yourself by you open Rust and search for your server in the ingame server listing. Make sure you hit the refresh button ingame, so all server data is updated. You will most likely not have your server listed ingame as well. To fix this, you can try to restart your server and/or check your used plugins. Some server owners reported, that by deactivating certain plugins, their server got listed again. If you fix any issue and have your server listed in game again, it will soon be back active on just-wiped too.

Why is my servers wipe not shown?
Server, Support, Wipe

This can be due to multiple reasons.

The first thing to check is, when your server was crawled the last time. You see that information on your servers detail page in the right column. The "Last Seen" time should be after your wipe actually happened. If this is not the case, you can manually trigger a server update in you ownership settings.

In order to list a wipe, the servers map seed or map size has to be changed. If a change is found, the server is marked as wiped. If you keep on playing with the same map settings or use a custom map, you need to provide the date and time of your wipe. You can put that information in your servers description or in the title. It is good to provide a timezone, so the time is matched correctly.

Note #1: If you put the time only in the description, the server title still need to be changed somehow. Otherwise the description is only evaluated every hour.
Note #2: Changing the map name DOES NOT create a new wipe entry anymore.
Note #3: Using "hardcore" mode will remove the map seed from the data. Therefor wipes by changing the seed are not longer working!

Why is there no map generated for my Rust server?
Map, Server

There can be various reasons, why there is no map provided for your Rust server.

Reason 1: You are using a custom map. There is currently no map generation for custom maps.

Reason 2: You just wiped and the map is not generated yet. It takes some time to generate a new map preview. The more servers wipe, the longer it takes to generate a map image.

Reason 3: You might use invalid seed and/or size data in your Rust server configuration. Make sure your seed has a value above 0 and below 2147483647.