October 31, 2020 12:22

New User Profiles

From now one, you can create your own profile on just-wiped. To do so, just login with your steam account and you are ready to go. There are already some new features, that improve your experience and there well be more in the near future too.

What is new

We added some basic additions for players, as well as helpful functions for server owners.

User Features

Here is a list of new things, user can do with their own profile:

  • Add a server to their own favorite list
  • Write Feedbacks for a server
  • Rate servers from 1 to 5

This is just a basic set of actions and will be extended from now on. If you have ideas on what you would like to do, just drop us a message.

Server Owner Features

Server owner can now claim the ownership of a server. With that, they can use special features.

  • Reply to feedbacks for their server
  • Trigger a server update
  • Reset server stats
  • Analyse the server ratings
  • Manage other owners

This is also just the basic set, which will be continously extended.

Other Additions

Besides the user login, we added full wipe histories for each server. From the server pages you can show all previous wipes. Those information contain the maps used, player utilization and more.