April 19, 2018 09:10

Performance Went Down With April Update

Performance suffered

With the last big update in April, the performance of the serves has suffered. Both performance indicators, average fps and ping got worse. With the update, the average fps of the tracked servers dropped about 50 fps. Thats 1/5 of the overall fps. Also on the other side, the ping dropped too. From an average of 90, it bumped 10 ms up to over 100.

Impact on the experience

I don't know how this will affect the in game experience in any way. I just want to show that there has changed something. So if you experienced any performance issues lately, that might has something todo with this.

Performance Ratings going down

In relation to the changed server performances, the ratings for the performance go down a little too. But since they are calculated relative to all the other servers in the final ranking, it should not have that much of an impact on the overall rating.

Let's see, what the next update brings.