January 18, 2018 22:57

Detailed Server Rating Added

Server Rating Addition

Besides listing the latest wipes, Just-Wiped wants to offer the possibility to find good server. For that the only option until now was to filter by badge values, getting server not fake wiping or having active players. This was ok in the first place and worked pretty well. But since it is only having two states (on and off), it was pretty rough.

To have a better judgement on the rating of a server, a new mechanic was added. 8 different rating measurements are now individually generating a rating between 0 and 100. Those are calculated together and sum up to the overall rating of the server.

Filters added

The action level filter in the quick filter bar was used less than the others and was exchanged with a rating filter. Its default value is 40% to keep a minimum of quality. In the extended search you can still set the action level and adjust the rating value in smaller steps.

Rating Measurements

Server Runtime

A lot of servers are disappearing very fast. To provide a solid and stable experience, the server should reach a certain runtime.

Fake Wiping

Servers trying to get more people playing using fake wipes will get downrated.

Regular Wiping

For a lot of players regular wipe cycles are important. So the more regular the wipes are, the better.

Fills on Wipe

The server gets regularly filled with players on a new wipe.

Stays populated

The server stays populated for a certain time of the wipe. This is measured in relation to the maximum players of the whole wipe.


Evaluating the availability of the server. How often does the server not respond to requests.

Server Informations

It is checked how much and what information are given for the server. Those contain a given wipe date, websites or community links, group size and so on.


This is representing a calculation of the servers ping and its frame rate.


Having a fine rating mechanic, a server ranking is possible too. For each server you find 3 rank values on the details page. Those are the global rank, the region rank (e.g. for north america) and the rank in the country the server is listed.

Work in Progress

I have had this rating running for a while now, checking the result every other time. There are probably still servers where it might not be as representative as it should be. If you see any or have an opinion on this, write me an email, tweet or whatever. I hope this helps everyone selecting the good servers.