Lonely Survivor
~ 5.6 Days
95%+ Uptime
No Fake Wipes
Active Players
Wipes Regularly
Happy Holidays! Welcome to the (modded) ASTRO Server! N00b Friendly/Active ADMINs. Server Updated: 12/14. Map: 12/7. Next Map Wipe: 1/4. Visit the Thunderdome! (I16 on map) Check InfoBar in Game (upper right) for latest updates. Playrust.io for Live Map. Griefing, Racist & Offensive language or Imagery will not be tolerated. No VAC BAN/Steam banned players. Server Updates every Thurs. Forced Server Wipe 1st Thursday every month. Let's keep our server fun for everyone (new & regular players) Thanks for Playing!
First Seen 6 months ago
Last Seen 7 minutes ago
Last Wipe 4 days ago
Map Procedural Map
Map Size 4,000

Wipe History
max last 5 wipes

14.12.2017 - 08:00 UTC
ASTRO Gaming |12/14| |US| |Mods| |N00b Friendly|Thunderdome|
13.12.2017 - 00:05 UTC
ASTRO Gaming |12/12| |US| |Mods| |N00b Friendly|NoDecay|
08.12.2017 - 05:26 UTC
ASTRO Gaming |12/7| |US| |Mods| |N00b Friendly|
23.11.2017 - 22:53 UTC
ASTRO Gaming |11/23| |US| |Mods| |N00b Friendly|
17.11.2017 - 07:09 UTC
ASTRO Gaming |11/16| |US| |Mods| |N00b Friendly|

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