95%+ Uptime
No Fake Wipes
Active Players
Wipes Regularly
Lone Island is a true, solo experience. Be alone, be lone, be ONE!

monday.mapwipe.biweekly | 7/8 4pm EST | bpwipe.monthly

NO TEAMING -coordinating together is prohibited.
NO TOXICITY -racism will not be tolerated.
NO GAMEBANS -report all violations in discord!

YES TRADING -is permitted at vendors or shop fronts.

Starter Assist vendors will gradually appear as the wipe progresses.
Slightly modified to help solo's, but still very much like vanilla.
Join discord for more information.

All Rust Servers at https://just-wiped.net/rust_servers

Wipe History max last 5 wipes

08.07.2019 - 21:00 UTC
Lone Island 1.25x BP-FULL WIPED 7/8 4PM EST {Solo Only}
Fake Wipe
08.07.2019 - 06:24 UTC
Lone Island 1.25x {Solo Only} 7/8 BP.wipe - 4pm.est

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Provider VilayerExternal Link
First Seen 3 months ago
Last Seen 3 months ago
Map Procedural Map (2,800)
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Server Runtime
No Fake Wiping
Regular Wipes
Fill on Wipes
Stays Populated
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