95%+ Uptime
No Fake Wipes
Active Players
Wipes Regularly
No Decay means no need to keep supplies in your TC to prevent your building from decaying. Twigs will still decay anywhere. Resources will be gathered at x2 rate. Build your ultimate base quicker and better.

Type /pr in chat for stats.

Server Rules
1. Don't be an Ass-hat, Toxic, Racist or Bully.
2. Be Respectful
3. NO GRIEFING. After you raid someone, let them recover. You can take over a base, but you MUST use it as your 51% minimum primary. If you take a base from an inactive player, it will be purged after 7 days.
4. English Only in Chat.
5. Don't spawn kill nudes. This means specifically new people that aren't carrying weapons, fighting or trying to antagonize you. If you are naked and trying to raid someone, expect to be killed. Just be nice to new people!
6. Server Owner decisions are final.

Max Group Size 6
You cannot Raid, Defend, Farm, Base, Roam with more then 6.
You cannot have a walled area with more then 6.
You cannot share codes or authorize on turrets, doors or TCs in any combination greater then 6, within a walled area, close group of bases, or single base.
Group size violations will receive a 1 day ban, then 4 day, then 8 day, etc...

No VAC or Game Bans.

Server Discord https://discord.gg/BGATRsf

Last Map Wipe 1/2, Next 2/6
Last BP Wipe 1/2, Next 3/5

Wipe History max last 5 wipes

02.01.2020 - 19:43 UTC
[US East] No Decay 2x Resources and Stacks
05.12.2019 - 19:20 UTC
[US East] No Decay 2x Resources and Stacks
30.11.2019 - 06:22 UTC
[US East] No Decay 2x Resources and Stacks
27.11.2019 - 23:35 UTC
[US East] No Decay 2x Resources and Stacks
27.11.2019 - 23:32 UTC
[US East] No Decay 2x Resources and Stacks


Player History 1 Month 1 Week 3 Days

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Server Information

First Seen 11 months ago
Last Seen 1 minute ago
Map Procedural Map (3,600)
Global Rank 1,805 of 15,363
Region Rank 538 of 5,140
Country Rank 437 of 4,199
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Server Runtime
No Fake Wiping
Regular Wipes
Fill on Wipes
Stays Populated
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