Titans PVP Server

Procedural Map
95%+ Uptime
No Fake Wipes
Active Players
Wipes Regularly
This is a server created for PVP players of rust and casual players of rust. Anybody is welcome to join. Please leave feedback and enjoy the server! To report any issues, contact an admin of any sort.

Wipe History max last 5 wipes

15.01.2020 - 13:27 UTC


Player History 1 Month 1 Week 3 Days

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Server Information

Provider GameServers.comExternal Link
First Seen 3 days ago
Last Seen 2 minutes ago
Map Procedural Map (3,000)
This server is new. Ranks and rating information will be available after 14 days of service.


Connect to Server

You have various ways to connect to this server:

Via direct Steam link

Click on this button to automatically open the game and join the server. Sometimes this not works. Please choose another option if you have trouble connecting via steam.

Connect via Steam

Via ingame console

Copy the command below and paste it in your ingame console. You can open your console by clicking F1 while ingame.

Via ingame server listing

Copy the server name below and paste it in your ingame server search.