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lagging sometimes

Server Owner Response

Yeah we had some massive mega lags on 20.01 last time we updated to the latest release and oxide version. It was caused by the discord extension. Nothing we could do on our part sadly. Sorry for any inconvenience!


5/5 would play again


I tried to request ownership but i did not get very far, poliece knocked on my door and i got 3 weeks behind bars for attempt of server theft. so when i got out a stalked the owner and shouted random slur...but then i got arested again for harrasment.. long story short; this server ROCKS dude!!! you gonna love it like you never loved anything befor =D


Very fun server, great for people who just got the game or seasoned veterans. Zero pay to win features only quality of life plugins. Has a very nice /ranks feature that allows players to increase their in-game rank just through playing! 9/10 for me!


It's a great server to play in, no pay to win and a good owner