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Is a great server and I am having a ton of fun playing on it and It helped me get better at the game. Very good for anyone who wants to have a great time. My best experience was when I was on with three of my friends.


My go-to server. Cheaters are caught within 24/hrs and admins actually pay attention to reports. Kits aren't pay to win, TP systems are regulated to forbid monument abuse, and modded functions blend seamlessly with a vanilla environment in just the right balance to provide convenience but not break the flow of the game.


A good server to play with ur friends, I've found myself with coming close to 1000 hours on here, and i have enjoyed at least 90% of it. Its the server where i was taught how it play and how to do other basic things. Lots of friendly people here, n words aren't allowed!!

Homo Cat

I've only been called the N word five times so its pretty good


Great server with responsive owner.