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Lonely Survivor
95%+ Uptime
No Fake Wipes
Active Players
Wipes Regularly
A simple, no bullshit community made for the mature, casual player. Trolling, abusive, ass hat behavior will not be tolerated here.

Server wipes every Thursday after update.

Permanent Daytime (Noon)
Cabinets block twig construction.
Custom Loot Tables
Dangerous Treasures every 1-3 hours
Pump Jacks
Private Messages
and many other features!

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First Seen 10 days ago
Last Seen less than a minute ago
Last Wipe 4 days ago
Map Procedural Map
Map Size 3,600
FPS 259 (∅ 259)
Rust-Version 2007
Server OS Windows

Wipe History
max last 5 wipes

13.08.2017 - 01:04 UTC
[US] Seattle Solo Only [3x] Wiped 8/12
10.08.2017 - 20:02 UTC
[US] 8/10 Seattle Solo Only [3x/NoTwigRaid/Loot/Jacks]
08.08.2017 - 01:38 UTC
[US] 8/7 Seattle Solo Only [3x/Limited TP/NoTwig] *NEW*

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