Max Group
Meet And Greet
~ 1.5 Days
95%+ Uptime
No Fake Wipes
Active Players
Wipes Regularly
Max Group size: 6! 2x Gather! Enjoy the Vanilla Rust experience without as much of a grind. Stack sizes, daily events for free loot, Clans and Friendly Fire options available. Live map with playRust.IO. Server will be wiped Weekly. NO RACISM IN CHAT! Active Admins online daily that will not interfere with gameplay. No crying admin abuse, Admins don't cheat. Anti Admin Abuse Enabled so you see what is spawned. Only Resources are 2x gather, components and all loot is Vanilla.
First Seen 16 days ago
Last Seen 10 minutes ago
Last Wipe 4 days ago
Map Procedural Map
Map Size 3,000
FPS 263 (∅ 262)
Rust-Version 2007
Server OS Windows

Wipe History
max last 5 wipes

13.08.2017 - 00:00 UTC
Rustaholics 2x Vanilla|8/12 8PM|Noobs Welcome
10.08.2017 - 23:00 UTC
ScrubVille 2x Vanilla|8/10 7PM|Noobs Welcome
09.08.2017 - 23:00 UTC
ScrubVille 2x Vanilla NA|8/9 7PM|Clans|Noobs Welcome
05.08.2017 - 21:06 UTC
ScrubVille 2x Vanilla NA|8/5 Wiped|Clans|Noobs Welcome
04.08.2017 - 19:12 UTC
ScrubVille 2x Vanilla NA|8/4 Wiped|Clans|Noobs Welcome

Player History