August 25, 2017 10:36

The First Three Months Of Service


Well, its almost three months of service now. And it has been a great time. There was a lot of improvement internally and except of some short dropouts, it was running constantly.

Since the start of, we have had visitors from almost 100 countries, from all over the world. The most visitors came from the US, the United Kingdom and Germany. It is great to see, that there are always people using the app to find their servers or to keep track of the player development.


I am looking forward to further developments like upcoming wipes, generated from existing server names but also calculated statistically from recorded data. So it will be even easier to decide what server to play on for the next days. But also things like favorite server lists, ratings and more.

YouTuber listing

In the near future I will add a section to list YouTubers with their channels by country/language. If you have a YouTube of whatever size and do regular Rust videos, drop me a message at

Spread the Word

Keep in mind, that we have a Twitter and Facebook channel. Let's get in touch and tell me about your thoughts, how to make it even easier to find your servers or whatever you want to talk about.

See you later folks