June 15, 2017 22:44

Australia/Oceania Update

Regions Added

With the recent update, Australia, New Zealand and other countries have been added to the country listing and Australia/Oceania as region was introduced to the filters. Also Russia has been moved from the Europe region to the newly added Asia region. Currently Russia is the only country in there. But in the near future other countries will be added to that region too. In the quick filter at the top right of the homepage a region filter was added. It preselects your current region based on your ip address.

It will take some time for new servers to be evaluated and to receive badges. At least 3 wipes need to occur to get the regularly badge if those wipes happend regularly.

Extended Search

The action level filter from the quick filter was added to the extended search. The max group quick filter now sets the correct values in the extended search, so you can keep on refining your search from there.


The blog system was added to document changes in the service.

Rust Server Page

The server show pages have now share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Reddit.

We are on Twitter

Just-Wiped.net has a Twitter account to announce some news and to keep in touch with poeple. So come over an check it out: Twitter